As a convenience for our attendees, we are pleased to offer you the 2024 Congress session handout materials for download! These handouts will be available starting March 14 and remain available for six months after Congress has ended. (Reminder: As part of ACHE’s commitment to being environmentally responsible, there will be no paper handouts distributed at Congress.)

Not all presenters have made their handouts available for posting on this site. Some handouts currently not available may be added closer to or after Congress.

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0101-Global Views for Future Leaders
0202-Driving a Paradigm Shift in Womens Health: The Need for Equity, Access and Technology to Close the Gap
0303-Identifying and Developing Physician Leaders for CEO Roles
0404-Population Health Journey: A Framework and Lessons Learned in a Large Clinically Integrated Network
0505-How a Caught in the Act Culture Is Turning the Table on Turnover
0606-Capacity Management and Emergency Preparedness: A Critical Partnership in an Era of Unprecedented Hospital Strain
0707-Why Strategy Implementation Fails: Behaviors, Processes and Tools for Successful Execution
0808-A Novel, Actionable and Low-Cost Method to Reduce Clinician Burnout Through Tailored Appreciation
0909-Smart Hospital 2.0: Building Hospitals in the Wake of the AI Revolution in Healthcare
1010-Next-Gen Talent: Power Pipelines to Develop Aspiring Healthcare Leaders
1111-Redefining the Business Value of Infrastructure Investment
1212-Advancing Healthcare Delivery: The Transformative Potential of Dyadic Partnerships
1313-Solving Patient Flow Challenges: A Team-Based, Systematic Approach to Improve Health System Throughput and Efficiency
1414-Now What? How Diverse Candidates Can Succeed and Thrive in Healthcare Management
1515-Communities in Crisis: Strategies on Improved Access for Emergency Behavioral Health Care
1616-Reimagining Recruitment and Retention for Gen Z Nurses: Top 5 Solutions
1717-Healthcare Leaders of the Future: Career Transitions for Early Careerists
1818-Integrating Environmental Sustainability Into Health Equity Strategies
1919-Engaging Providers in High-Impact Clinical Technology Decisions
2020-2024 placeholder
2121-Innovate Your Care Transitions Program
2222-Modeling a Health System: Creating a Single Source of Truth for Space Management, Regulatory Compliance and Life Safety Across Six Hospital Campuses
2323-Mindful Leadership: Reducing Stress and Navigating Healthcare in the Age of Ambiguity and Constant Change
2424-Learnings and Insights From National Gen AI Collaborative of 25+ Health Systems
2525-Reimagining Clinical Nutrition Services via Telehealth
2626-Creating Positive Change for Those With Serious Illness: Palliative Care Concepts, Conversations and Currency
2727-All Systems Go: Developing and Managing Distinct Service Lines Across Systems or Networks
2828-Chart Your Course: Peer Perspectives on Launching a Successful Healthcare Leadership Career
3030-The Institutional Value of the Shared Suite Approach
3131-Realizing Value-Based Healthcare Delivery Through Post-Acute Home-Based Care Partnerships
3232-Why Direct-to-Employer Relationships Will Shape the Future of Healthcare
3333-Amplifying Patient Voices: Unveiling the PA Impact
3434-Reimaging the Nursing Workload: Finding Time to Close the Workforce Gap
3535-Taking Quality From Compliance to Excellence: Transforming Your Quality and Safety Workforce
3636-How Todays Economic Climate Changes Your Capital Planning Approach
3737-Leading Your Safety Renaissance: Leading the Reboot and Fortification of Safety Using the National Action Plan
3838-A Factual Discussion of the Strategic and Cultural Qualities Enabling Exceptional Health System Performance: Success Leaves Clues
3939-Leadership for Accelerating Transformation: New C-Suite Teaming and Alignment
4040-Fighting the National Drug Shortage Crisis: Turning Adversity Into Collaborative Innovation
41SESSION CANCELED: 41-Beyond DEI: Strategies for Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Physician Workforce
4242-Healing Without Delay: Lessons in Jump-Starting Patient Throughput
4343-Fundamentals of Healthcare Financial Accounting and Financial Management
4444-Shaping Your Career Narrative: Building Your Leadership Legacy at Any Stage
4545-Leading the Nation in Value-Based Care: VAs Whole Health System of Care Transformation
4646-The Chicago Story: A Collaborative Approach to Fostering Health Equity
4747-Bringing Care to Where the Patients Belong: the Journey and Lessons Learned in the Hospital at Home Program
4848-Artificial Intelligence, Not Artificial Care: Key Topics for Healthcare Leaders in the Age of Digital Health
4949-Leading in Difficult Times: The Role of Leader Humility and Ambition in Improving Engagement and Innovation
5050-Adaptive Transformation for Interim Provider Staffing
5151-Creation of Clinical and Community Partnerships as a Steppingstone to Value-Based Care
5252-Growth Strategies for the Future: Investing in People and Technology for Innovative Patient Care
5353-Striving To Be The Safest Healthcare System for All: From Strategy to Action
5555-Transforming Teams With Dyad Leadership in Behavioral Healthcare
5656-Innovative Ways to Address HCAHPS, Readmissions, Clinical Instruction Compliance and Post-Discharge Follow-Up
5757-Culture as a Competitive Advantage
5858-Using Team-Based Leadership Models and Bidirectional Mentorship to Drive Organizational Results and Professional Growth
5959-Its Time to Take Healthcare Techs Off the Back Burner
6060-CIN/ACO Strategies to Address Disruptors
6161-Design Matters: How to Accelerate Results by Redesigning Your Hospital Operating System
6262-Innovations to Address the Behavioral Health Crisis in Your ED
6363-Reimagining Medical Oversight Through Digital Innovation (REMODI): A Practical Framework to Implementing and Scaling Remote Monitoring Solutions
6464-Professional Development for Clinical Administrative Leaders
6565-Advancing From the Classroom to the Boardroom: An Early Careerist’s Playbook
6767-Creating a Framework for Physician and APP Leader Development and Peer Collaboration
6868-Using Learning Collaborative Models to Reduce Evidence-to-Practice Gaps
6969-The Bias Time Out: A Practical Tool for Advancing DEI in the Healthcare Space
7070-Optimizing Administrative Rounding: Mastering the Art of Effective Follow-Up
7171-Strategies for Managing Site of Care Infusion: Optimizing Patient Outcomes and Mitigating Payer Restrictions
7272-Leading Change, DEI and Health Equity: A Framework for Healthcare Leadership
7474-The Future of Whole-Person Health and Care: New Ways of Listening
7575-A System CFO and CNO Perspective: Achieving $23M Margin Improvement in Six Months Through Innovative Solutions to Margin Shortfalls and Workforce Shortages
7676-Reimagining Your Command Center Strategy: Uniting AI, Automation and Change Management to Increase Patient Access
7777-Rethinking the Physician Enterprise 2.0
7878-Transforming the Onboarding Experience of Front-Line Ambulatory Staff Through an Innovative Team Approach
7979-The DEI Journey of the VHA Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention: Lessons Learned and Advancing It in a Large-Scale Healthcare Organization
8080-Whats Stopping You? Overcome the Barriers to Effectively Implement Patient-Reported Clinical Outcomes Using EHR
8181-Supporting Specialty Populations Through Value-Based Care Models
8282-How Healthcare Leaders Can Leverage the Latest Technology to Better Prepare, Respond and Recover from Future Climate-Driven Disasters
8383-Medical Group Governance to Align Strategy with Clinical Practice The Providence Health Experience
8484-Managing Politics in a Matrixed Organization and Impact of Leadership Intersectionality
8585-Leveling Up: Building a Culture and Leadership Pipeline Through Targeted Leader Development
8686-Transformational Approach to Quality Improvement While Energizing Your Staff: Frontline First
8787-Bucks in Six: How Professional Sport Sponsorship Enhances Health Systems, Community Engagement, Brand Building and Reputation
8888-Succession Matters: Characteristics of an Effective Leadership Development Program
9090-Seamlessly Connected: A Comprehensive Approach to Ambulatory Pharmacy Access Across the Continuum
9191-Unlocking the Power of Strategic Philanthropy: Leveraging an Untapped Revenue Source
9292-Future of Work and Workplace: Real Estate Strategies for Healthcare Executives
9393-The Talent Advantage: Effective Talent Reviews/Dialogues to Strengthen Leadership Pipeline and Succession
9494-A Thriving Governance Structure of the Future: Sustainable and Ethical ESG Business Practices
9696-Strategic Marketing Through Centralization in Large Health Systems
9898-The Culture and Imperative for Hospital Margin Improvement
9999-Building High-Performing Healthcare Teams Through Implementation of a Novel Personal Identity and Values Workshop During Onboarding
100100-Healing the Healers: Our Journey to Support Workforce Mental Health and Well-Being Following an Active Killer Incident
101101-Digital Health and Preparing the Next-Generation Workforce
102102-Innovate and Excel: Optimizing Technology to Create Best Practices for Ambulatory Patient Access
103103-Neuroscience-Based Strategies to Navigate Your Team Dynamics Through Positive Conflict Resolution, Inclusive Culture Building and Achieving Team Wellness
104104-Delivering Margin While Developing Middle Managers Leadership Skills
105105-Enhanced Technology, Enhanced Care: Optimizing Technology and Activating Shared Decision-Making to Improve Cancer (CRC) Screening Rates
106106-Leading With a Clinical Lens
107107-From Practitioner to Professor: The Healthcare Executives Role as an Educator
108108-Creating a Culture of Engagement Through Coaching
109109-Anesthesiologists as Partners in Organizational Effectiveness
110110-Forum on Advances in Healthcare Leadership Research
112112-Leveraging Scope of Practice With Available Bedside Clinicians to Optimize Staffing Models
113113-Building a Clinical Institute Ecosystem to Achieve Strategic Goals
114114-High Reliability as a Health System Operating Model for Safety, Quality, Engagement and Leadership
115115-Lessons Learned: Integrating Governance Models for a Centralized Academic Health System
116116-Infusing & Delivering on the Strategy With Innovation
117117-Strategies for Becoming a Leadership Organization and Optimizing Performance
118118-2024 placeholder
119119-Designing Sustainable Models of Care
120120-The Impact and Transition of a Community Hospital Closure
121121-Driving Quality Transformation: Framework for Payer and Provider Collaboration
122122-Nursing Workforce Management: The Business Case for Transition to Practice Nursing Programs
123123-Optimizing Post-Acute Strategies for Hospitals and Health Systems
124124-Designing Your Building to Respond to Innovative Technologies and a Changing Workforce
125125-Sourcing Best Practices: Engage Physicians in Contracting and Product Standardization
126126-Developing Resident Physicians as Safety Champions: A Rallying Cause for C-Suite and Graduate Medical Education Leadership
127127-2024 placeholder
128128-Practice Ready. Specialty Focused. Nurse Education Model
129129-Healthcare Law: The Year in Review
AUPHAAUPHA-ACHE/AUPHA Joint Address: Data and Value-Informed Decision-Making for Health Equity
CEO1CEO1-Exclusive Session with Dan Pink
CEO2CEO2-Exclusive Session with Noelle Russell
CEO3CEO3-Exclusive Session with Zachary Karabell
CEOSCEOS-Circle Forum: Perspectives from the Capital Market: Have We Reached a Turning Point?
DIVBKDIVBK-Thomas C. Dolan Diversity Address: Legacy, Leadership and Lessons for Our Future in Healthcare
FEL1FEL1-Fellow-Exclusive Session with Carla Harris
FEL2FEL2-Fellow-Exclusive Session with Mick Ebeling
FEL3FEL3-Fellow-Exclusive Session with Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP
INTEGINTEG-Triad Leadership Intensive: Integrated Management for Operational Success Boot Camp ACHE/ASA
LCODELCODE-Cracking the Healthcare Leadership Code Boot Camp: How Purpose
LEAD01LEAD01-Leadership Insights: The Human Margin: What It Means, Why It Matters and How to Maximize It
LEAD02LEAD02-Leadership Insights: Bridging the Leadership Gender Gap in Healthcare
LEAD03LEAD03-Leadership Insights: What's Needed and What's Next in Health Equity
LEAD04LEAD04-Leadership Insights: Women Healthcare Leaders Series—Finding Your Strengths
LEAD05LEAD05-Leadership Insights: A Novel Approach to Process Improvement for Key CMS Quality and Patient Experience Metrics
LEAD07LEAD07-Leadership Insights: Addressing Workplace Violence in Healthcare Organizations
LEAD08LEAD08-Leadership Insights: ChatGPT and Generative Implementation and Lessons Learned
LEAD09LEAD09-Leadership Insights: Driving a Culture of Growth
LEAD11LEAD11-Leadership Insights: Building Your Personal Board of Directors: Cultivating Your Career for Success
LEAD12LEAD12-Leadership Insights: The Future of Substance Use Disorder Treatment—Where Patient Care Meets Public Health
LEAD13LEAD13-Leadership Insights: Challenges and Solutions for the Future of Rural Healthcare
LEAD14LEAD14-Leadership Insights: Workplace Transformation Creating a Strategic Plan to Combat Burnout and Promote Clinician Wellness
LQUALLQUAL-Leading for Quality as a Business Strategy Boot Camp ACHE/NAHQ
LUNCHMLUNCHM-Bachmeyer Memorial Address and Luncheon: Intentional Leadership: Tools for Maximizing Your Success
LUNCHTLUNCHT-MacEachern Memorial Lecture and Luncheon: Creativity for Breakfast Innovation in a Tumultuous World
LUNCHWLUNCHW-Gintzig Commemorative Lecture and Luncheon: The Caring in Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities in a Technological Era
MON1MON1-Hot Topic: Transforming Industries, Safeguarding Trust – The Responsible Use of Generative AI in Healthcare, Finance, And Retail
MSTR1MSTR1-Master Series: Masters of Executive Leadership
MSTR2MSTR2-Masters of Innovation: The Future of Innovation in Healthcare
MSTR3MSTR3-Masters of Care Delivery: Lifting the Health and Well-being of Our Communities
MSTR5MSTR5-Masters of Health Equity: Engagement, Empathy and the Path Forward for Real Change
OPNSNOPNSN-Welcome & Opening Session: Parker B. Francis Distinguished Lecture: Leadership, Culture and the New Principles of Influence
PGFE2PGFE2-Postgraduate Program Fellowship Fair
PLEADPLEAD-The Next Frontier: Moving Into a Physician Leadership Role Boot Camp ACHE/WittKieffer
S01S01-Your Essential Self: The Interpersonal Skills That Lead to Career Success
S02S02-Launching Your Career: Navigating the Post-Graduation Transition With Success
S03S03-The Importance of Mentorship and Sponsorship in Career Advancement
TUES1TUES1-Hot Topic: AHA Policy and Politics Update
TUES2TUES2-Hot Topic: The Next Phase of Retail Health and Wellness
TUES3TUES3-Hot Topic: The Case for (Edgy) Optimism
WEDS1WEDS1-2024 placeholder
WHEBRWHEBR-Women Healthcare Executives Address: Navigating a Changing Healthcare Landscape Leading With Joy and Authenticity to Improve Outcomes for All