As a convenience for our attendees, we are pleased to offer you the 2023 Congress session handout materials for download! These handouts will be available starting March 14 and remain available for six months after Congress has ended. (Reminder: As part of ACHE’s commitment to being environmentally responsible, there will be no paper handouts distributed at Congress.)

Not all presenters have made their handouts available for posting on this site. Some handouts currently not available may be added closer to or after Congress.

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0101-Developing Leaders to Innovate Breakthrough Solutions for Margin Shortfalls and Workforce Shortages
0202-How Effective Governance and a Diverse Board Can Foster Organizational Transformation
0303-Systemwide Facility and Capital Planning to Align with Changing Models of Care
0404-The Sweet Spot: Alignment of DEI Journey to Mission and Community Impact
0505-Transforming the Medicare Advantage Experience with Payer and Provider Partnerships—A Mutually Beneficial Approach
0606-Hedging Your Bets: Lessons in Building the Hospital of the Future From the Ground Up
0707-Operationalize Personalization in a Healthcare System
0808-Developing Transformative Physician and Executive Leaders Leveraging Contemporary Tools
0909-Sticky Floors and Glass Ceilings: Leveraging Sponsorship to Break Through Barriers to Leadership Diversity in Healthcare
1010-Strength Through Adversity: Re-establishing Quality, Trust and Reputation
1111-Extreme Onboarding: How to Change Your Culture by Wowing and Empowering New Hires
1212-Hot Topics in Behavioral Healthcare Service Delivery
1313-Creating a Sustainable Culture of Well-Being for Our 22,000 Nurses
1414-Fundamentals of Healthcare Financial Management
1515-Rookie Manager: Leading People for the First Time
1616-Finding Your Way in Hospital Leadership as a Diversity Candidate
1717-Intelligent Continuous Integrated Care (ICONIC): Clinical Innovation Through Transitions of Care
1818-Grappling With Growth: Mergers, Affiliations, Acquisitions and Partnerships
1919-The Importance of Sponsorship in Career Advancement
2020-The Business Case for Decarbonizing Your Healthcare System: The Roadmap for Success
2121-Harnessing the Power of Neurodiversity in the Workplace
2222-From Practitioner to Professor: The Healthcare Executive’s Role as an Educator
2323-Building a Community Engagement Model to Improve Health Equity
2424-From Inside-Out to Outside-In: Measuring Improved Outcomes for Global Health Equity
2525-You Can't Fight Gravity, But You Can Use It to Your Advantage: Strategies for These Difficult Times
2626-Building Organizational Culture: A Playbook for Early Careerists
2727-Facilitate Like a Pro: Constructing Meetings That Help Others Consider, Decide and Act
2828-Practice Makes Perfect: Lessons Learned From Complex Construction Projects
3030-Staff ROI: 10 Essential Design Components Your Facilities Should Include to Attract and Retain Staff
3131-Enabling Compassion Science to Combat Burnout Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence
3232-Health Data Utility: Solving Today’s Healthcare and Public Health Challenges
3333-Creating Unity, Driving Engagement and Upskilling Through “Edutainment” in a New World of Work
3434-Retain Your People: Show Your Strength as an Empathetic Leader
3535-Leading Through the Lens: A Multigenerational Examination of the Workforce
3636-Implementable Strategies for Driving Results in Employee and Community Wellness
3737-Developing Strategies to Address Ambulatory Care Front-Line Staff Burnout and Professional Fulfillment
3838-Local Is Global: Advancing Healthcare Delivery and Quality on the International Stage
3939-Optimizing Professional and Facility Resources to Produce Impactful Clinical and Financial Outcomes in Your Operating Room
4040-Developing Physician and Nurse Leaders as an Antidote to Burnout: Dyads as an Engagement, Retention and Transformation Strategy
4141-The Honey and Glue Formula for Recruiting and Retaining the Best Staff
4242-Purposely Creating an Inclusive Culture: Focusing on an Intersectional Approach to a Culture of Belonging
4343-Closing the Gap: Funding the New Normal of Healthcare Operations
4444-Robotic Service Line Growth: Leveraging Data to Drive Actionable Insights
4545-New Strategies for Optimizing Employed Physician Group Performance: Case Study of Turning Conflict Into Partnering
4646-Reinvesting in Nursing: Innovations in Nursing Workforce Management
4747-The Power of Partnership in Improving Behavioral Health Access
4848-Understanding Climate Change: Opportunities for Healthcare Leadership
4949-Building a Resilient Workforce for COVID-19 and Beyond
5050-Lower Value-Based Care Costs Through Post-Acute Data Transparency
5151-Direct Contracting: How and Why Health Systems Can Build Successful Employer Partnerships
5252-AI-Powered Operational Management: Unlocking Scarce Capacity and Delivering Strong ROI
5353-Turning Headwinds Into Tailwinds With a Digital-First Strategy
5555-Workforce and Master Facility Planning in an Era of In-Home Care
5656-The CEO Imperative: Leading a Relentless Focus on Consumers and the Workforce
5757-Creating a Gender-Affirming Care Program With the Transgender Community
5858-Case Study: A Health System's Success Through Centralizing Utilization Management
5959-High Reliability as an Operating Model for Safety, Quality, Leadership and Engagement
6060-How to Succeed in Driving Impactful Outcomes for Patients With Certain Chronic Conditions Using Remote Care Management
6161-Turbocharging Innovation: How Authentic Leadership Transformed an Academic Medical Center
6262-Utilizing Dyad Relationships and Push-Pull Mentorship to Drive Organizational Results and Professional Growth
6363-Build It and They Will Come: Using Psychological Safety to Improve Outcomes Across the Enterprise
6464-How to Navigate Your Team Dynamics Through Affinity Bias, Culture Building and Positive Conflict Resolution
6565-Care for Our World: Intersecting Health Equity and Rapid Climate Change
6767-Imagining the Hospitals of the Future Through Digital Twins: A Case Study in Creating a 2050 Virtual Operating Room (OR)
6868-Utilizing Lean Methodology for Systemwide Deployment of Workforce Retention Strategies
6969-Enhanced Technology, Enhanced Care: Optimizing Technology and Activating Shared Decision-Making to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates
7070-Investing Upstream for Community Health Equity: What Leaders Need to Know
7171-Lessons From the Field: Maturing Medical Group Governance to Align Strategy With Clinical Practice
7272-A New Approach to Building Sustainable Healthcare Quality and Safety in Your Organization
7474-Psychological Safety: The Key that Unlocks Engagement, Innovation, Inclusion and Innovation
7575-Physician Leadership: Daunting Issues and Hurdles
7676-Integrating Health Equity Into Quality Management
7777-Ready Reliable Care: The DoD’s Approach to High Reliability Organizations
7878-Caught In the Balance: An Owner’s Perspective on Quality, Risk and Reward
7979-Forum on Advances in Healthcare Management Research
8080-Building a Movement for Change: Implementing High Reliability Principles and Practices
8181-Transitioning From Military to Civilian Healthcare
8282-Designing a World-Class Fellowship Program to Develop Your Organization’s Future Leaders
8383-Creating a Unified Communications Center to Optimize Pre-Hospital Arrivals to Emergency Departments in a Large Multi-Hospital Health System
8484-Healing Together: How Partnerships Can Help Health Systems Meet More Audacious Goals, Serve Their Communities Better and Facilitate Growth
8585-Innovative Robot Collaborates With Nurses to Improve Care Delivery
8686-Virtual Care Innovation to Support Inclusive and Equitable Care Delivery
8787-The How of Now: Creating Inclusion, Collaboration and Trust in Every Leadership Moment
8888-Creating and Executing Staffing Strategy That Realigns to Services
8989-Navigating Forward on Workforce and Revenue Cycle Enhancement Opportunities
9090-Shifting the Hiring Lens: Using Community-Based Hiring Programs and Innovative AI Tools to Transform the Hiring Process
9191-Ambulatory Care Redesign: Primary Care Access Optimization and Management Systems
9292-Balancing People, Process and Technology With Evidence-Based Patient-Centric Healthcare Innovations
9393-Leading in Difficult Times: The Role of Leader Humility and Ambition in Improving Engagement and Innovation
9494-An AMC’s Approach to Reduce Unplanned Readmissions for High-Risk Patients
9696-A Framework for Integrating Primary Care: Southcentral Foundation’s Integrated Care Teams Playbook
9898-Pharmacy and 340B Program’s Value to Sustaining Services to Underserved and Uninsured Populations
9999-Transforming a Support Services Culture to One of Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration: A Journey to an Insourced Management Model
100100-Healing the Healers: Our Journey to Support Workforce Mental Health and Well-Being Following an Active Killer Incident
101101-Assessing Partnership Service Agreements
102102-Managing Value-Based ACO Performance Focusing on Network Performance and Health Equity Through Advanced Analytics
103103-Moving From Person-Centered to Equity-Centered Care: Strategic and Practical Implementation of EID in a Large Healthcare System to Improve Health Disparity Outcomes
104104-Collaborating for Community Health Improvement
105105-Developing a Practice Plan in an Academic Medical Center: Lessons Learned and Objectives Achieved in the First Two Years
106106-Flexing Your Perioperative Operating Model for Performance Optimization
107107-Leveraging Technology to Maximize Safety in Complex Healthcare Settings
108108-Stigma Kills: Addressing Opioid and Substance Use Disorder by Changing Health System Culture
109109-PA and NP Organizational Impact on the Quadruple Aim and Systematic Goals
110110-Thriving as a Leadership Organization
112112-Better Together: Leveraging Our Voices for Transformative Change in Healthcare Equity
113113-Workforce Engagement: How Do You Engage Your Workforce for Retention and High Performance?
114114-Your Safety Renaissance: Leading the Reboot and Reimagination of Safe, Reliable and Resilient Care
115115-Healthcare Leaders of the Future: Career Transitions for Early Careerists
116116-The National Healthcare System Action Alliance to Advance Patient Safety: Improving Patient and Healthcare Workforce Safety
AUPHAAUPHA-ACHE/AUPHA Joint Address: Data and Value-Informed Decision-Making for Health Equity
CEO1CEO1-CEO-Exclusive Session With Fareed Zakaria, PhD
CEO2CEO2-CEO-Exclusive Session With Keller Rinaudo
CEOSCEOS-CEO Circle Session: Future-Proofing Your Organization
DIVBKDIVBK-Thomas C. Dolan Diversity Address: Legacy, Leadership and Lessons for Our Future in Healthcare
FEL1FEL1-Fellow-Exclusive Session With Vin Gupta, MD
FEL2FEL2-Fellow-Exclusive Session With Amy Webb
FEL3FEL3-Fellow-Exclusive Session With Ben Nemtin
INPERINPER-AHA Special Session: The Future of Our Healthcare Workforce
LEAD01LEAD01-Leadership Insights: Managing the Nurse Staffing Crisis—An Overview of the Latest Research and Alternative Models of Care That Will Shape the Future of Nursing
LEAD02LEAD02-Leadership Insights: Bridging the Leadership Gender Gap in Healthcare
LEAD03LEAD03-Leadership Insights: Mission, Margin and the Future State of Health System Success
LEAD04LEAD04-Leadership Insights: Women Healthcare Leaders Series—Finding Your Strengths
LEAD05LEAD05-Leadership Insights: Future-Facing Healthcare Strategy
LEAD06LEAD06-Leadership Insights: Charting the Course for Better Healthcare Services
LEAD07LEAD07-Leadership Insights: Leveraging the Quintuple Aim for Healthcare Improvement
LEAD08LEAD08-Leadership Insights: Payer Perspectives—Trends, Affordability and Navigating What's Next
LEAD09LEAD09-Leadership Insights: Driving a Culture of Growth
LEAD11LEAD11-Leadership Insights: What's Next? Effective Strategies to Promote Clinician Well-Being
LEAD12LEAD12-Leadership Insights: The Future of Substance Use Disorder Treatment—Where Patient Care Meets Public Health
LEAD13LEAD13-Leadership Insights: Challenges and Solutions for the Future of Rural Healthcare
LEAD14LEAD14-Leadership Insights: Driving Diversification, Growth and Partnerships
LEAD15LEAD15-Leadership Insights: It Takes a Village—Partnering for Success to Prevent Gun Violence
LEAD16LEAD16-Leadership Insights: Healthcare’s New Frontier Will Go Beyond the Hospital
LUNCHMLUNCHM-Arthur C. Bachmeyer Memorial Address and Luncheon: The Interface of Technology and Healthcare: Positive Disruption in Consumer-Driven Solutions From Technology Companies
LUNCHTLUNCHT-Malcolm T. MacEachern Memorial Address and Luncheon: Scenes From the Future of Healthcare
LUNCHWLUNCHW-Leon I. Gintzig Commemorative Address and Luncheon: Passion to Purpose: The Ripple Effect of Authentic Leadership
MSTR1MSTR1-Master Series: Masters of Executive Leadership
MSTR2MSTR2-Master Series: Masters of Innovation
MSTR3MSTR3-Master Series: Masters of Quality and Safety
MSTR5MSTR5-Master Series: Masters of Health Equity
OPNSNOPNSN-Welcome & Opening Session: Parker B. Francis Distinguished Lecture: What It Takes to Thrive Amid the Forces in Society, Economy and Culture That Are Creating the Future
PGFE2PGFE2-Postgraduate Fellowship Fair
S01S01-Career Opportunities in Healthcare Administration
S02S02-Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
TUES1TUES1-Hot Topic: Adapting TECH-THINK to Transform Healthcare for the Better
TUES2TUES2-Hot Topic: The Next Phase of Retail Health and Wellness
TUES3TUES3-Hot Topic: The 4th Industrial Revolution
WEDS1WEDS1-Hot Topic: AHA Health Policy & Politics Update
WEDS2WEDS2-Hot Topic: Responsible Innovation in the Age of Digital Health: The Expanding Opportunities for Healthcare CEOs
WHEBRWHEBR-Women Healthcare Executives Address: Level-Up Leadership—Cultivating Your Strategic Vision for Change